Tuesday, 13 December 2016


This is an infographic showing all the activities that we did on the first day of Camp.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Writing - Year 8 Leavers Mass

On Friday 9th of December, we year 8 had a special day. The mass started with an amazing song that the year 8 had grown up with.

During the mass, we processed up from the back with our  lights. We went to the front and did a dance.

At the end of the mass, we celebrated by having  little free time and also watch a movie.  We had a such an amazing  day with the whole school and our parents. 

Monday, 28 November 2016



My highlight of the camp was orienteering. Orienteering was one of my favourite parts. WHY did I choose that? This is because everyone  in my group worked together even if we were angry at one other teammate. I enjoyed playing orienteering with my group because we did it quick. We were the fastest group to finish.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


My experience at Selwyn College has been awesome. I really enjoy making food at Selwyn College. We made lots of different foods.

It has been a good term. I appreciate that Mr Smith has taught us so many things.  This is a photo of me,Leka and Ana- lei drinking our 'otai. It was nice to taste what we had made.

Kiwi sports

Our kiwi sports this term is Golf. Yesterday we had an expert that  came to our school called Campbell. He was teaching us how to stand in a golf position. First, we play rolling the ball  into the target, and if you get 3 of the ball into the target then you have to call out SNAG. Second, of all, we had to try to roll the ball to hit the flag.

Spanish Learning

Learn: To say our phone number in Spanish, and also have a conversation in Spanish.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Consciounce Wordle

Today we had to create a wordle. We had to write down words that are related to the word Conscience.

Monday, 7 November 2016


On Mathletics I have received 4 bronze and 1 silver. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Holy Saint

Today each one of us had to create a poster that related to the word Saint, this is what I had done. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Aylward (Group work)

Today our group have been reading about Margaret Aylward. Each of us was given one paragraph each to read  and we had to find the main ideas of the text.

(Patrick) Paragraph 1 Explanation:Margaret Louisa Aylward was born in Waterford on November 23rd, 1810. She was the fifth child of William Aylward and Ellen Murphy. Her father helped establish a group that helped unfortunate citizens.

(Faleaka) Paragraph 3 Explanation:  Thomas Meagher, father of Thomas Francis Meagher was one of the Margaret Aylward’s most prized person.   

(Lusia) Paragraph 4  Explanation: Margaret Louisa Aylward had a strong connection with Br Rice and the Christian brothers and have already noticed about their uncle's connection. Also, Margaret and the Christian brothers help the Irish children's needs by putting them in a school with a help called the presentation sisters.

(Peli) Paragraph 5 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward received her early education in a small Quaker school in Waterford. She stayed at home in Waterford for four years, teaching in the convent and working in a charity pawn shop. Margaret also joined in 1834 receiving the religious name Sr. Mary Alphonsus Ligouri.  

(Manu)Paragraph 7 Explanation: Margaret She was attempted to be a Charity and She was Explaining About Her Death and When She Died and It Was October (11) 1889 And The aged 79 Years old.                                     

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday Blogging - Kiwiana

What represents me as a Kiwiana? What do I think these images represent? 
 I created a Google slide to display the images that represent me as a Kiwiana.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Night Market!

On Saturday the 24th we went night market. There were lots of people were walking around. We can't even get through to go and look around. It was packed that we cannot go through. 

So I decide to go back and stay in the car, but my two cousins were telling me to just stay. So I stayed, and I was sitting on the chair, while they are trying to get through to the other corner to buy food. I was getting bored sitting there by myself. 

My stomach was making  the sound. I decided to look for my cousins  and I saw them waving at me on the other side. I was shouting at them to hurry up and buy the food because I was hungry. But they ignored me, and they kept walking. Then meanwhile they came  with nothing, I asked them  "WHERE IS THE FOOD?". They both said, "THE FOOD WAS YUCK so we didn't buy it".  Then we all ended up eating Macdonalds.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Prototec Record

This is my Prototec basic facts record. Today I got 53/60 , but last week I got 43/60.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Tongan Languages week.

Yesterday the 8th our whole school celebrate Tongan Languages week in the hall. Kids were so excited to taste some of the Tongan food. We had a big kai yesterday at the hall. It was so Yummy I enjoy myself eating my culture's food.

What does it like to be Tongan

Being a Tongan is sometimes is a really hard thing because, when I wanna watch T.V and my brother, cousin or uncle is watching tv, I either have to wait or do something else.

I am proud to be a Tongan person because we wear puletaha and kiekie. I respect people wherever  I go. My family supported me, even though I sometimes gets into trouble at school but  they  still supported me.                                                               

Thursday, 1 September 2016


What I  have learnt about Spain

  •  The population of Spain is 46,054,785. 
  • The Spanish name for Spain is EspaƱa.
  • Spain is located in Europe.
  • The largest city and capital of Spain is Madrid.

Adding simple fractions

Goal : Adding Simple Fractions
This is my maths evidence. I have achieved my goal by going to maths is fun. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Narrative Writing.

Learn : To use good sentences in my writing. 
A good sentence has a subject and a verb. 
I am learning to use 3 types of sentences,which are simple sentence, compound and also complex sentence. 

I woke up one morning and I heard someone calling, “where is my food”..

I thought it was someone from my next door neighbours. I ignored the call.
The call came again and it was from the kitchen. I went to check. I thought it was my grandpa. BUT, to my horror, it was Pinky, my dog. I was so scared to touch her. I stared at her and wondered what has happened. Is it a magic.

I was so confused.
“Hurry up and get my food”... , she said to me. I went and got her food. She started to eat, ignoring me.
“This is so nice, you should buy this everyday for me”, Pinky said.
I did not say anything, I just watched her.
In a blink, she started to bark again.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Cross Country

Yesterday the 11th we had cross country practice. It was tiring, because we had to run 2 laps. My legs was sore, so I decide to walk,but when I walk, it became worse. 

I saw lots of children running fast, and they were on there last lap. In my mind was like I wish I was skinny, so I can run faster.  I got to the end, I was happy  because it was my last round. But I still have to run to the other side, But it was along way to go to the other side. I walk the whole way, and when i was nearly there I run, because it nearly at the end.

My Everyday Show

Ned Show

Monday, 8 August 2016


“What does Cyberbullying mean?” stated Constable Gordon. Today we had Constable Gordon who is a Policeman, he came in and explained to us about Cyberbully. I learnt that if someone said mean thing to you don’t reply back to them. Because if you keep  replying to them  they will keep saying mean messages to you. Then he reminded us to be smart online. Everything we do online, for example sending stupid messages online, it will never be deleted, it goes straight to their service and they will see it. !REMEMBER USE SOCIAL MEDIA WISELY!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Helpfulness Movie!!

In Room 7 we have been making a 1 minute movie to show Helpfulness.
Hope you enjoy my Movie that i have created with Olga and also the support of Ashley from St Mary's College.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Understanding of Fractions

Sam had 10 teddy bears in his toy store.He sold 2/5 of the teddy bears.

How much teddy bears are left in the toy store?
1 bear left

I know this because I divided the 5 with the 10 and the answer was 2.
Then I divided the answer 2 with the Numerator and got the answer 1.

Mel’s birthday cake?

Mel had her cake half in 2/8 to share with her 8 friends.

How much cake does she still have?
She has 5 pieces left

I know this because I divided 8 & 2, then I got the number 4, meanwhile I got the Denominator and divided it with the 4 and got the answer 5.

This is my understanding of what a fraction is.

A Difficult Night!

A Difficult Night

In the night I was singing and humming while watching the sunset. I decided to sing a song to try and annoy her. When I started to sing, I swayed side to side and also humming while the creatures start to appear. My Cousin was furious and....
shouted “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, do you mind, I am trying to sleep here “
I took my ukulele and started to strum and finishing off my song. I went to my cousin holding my untuned ukulele, but then out of nowhere she took my ukulele,I thought she was going to sing a song for me, but then unfortunately she decided to chuck my ukulele into the bonfire that she finished making. I stood there like an unhappy person, I was angry but at the same time I felt sad.

I stood there wondering if she was going to get up and apologize to me for chucking my ukulele, but guess what she carried on sleeping. Another thing that I was wondering about was my precious Ukulele, I was wondering at how much it cost, it took half of my pocketmoney to buy. “ I WAS AN UNHAPPY GIRL “
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 6.07.00 PM.png

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Up Cloudy Mountain

What is my favourite part so far and why?

My favorite part was when Tom sent help to his grandpa. Because they were in a river with heaps of rocks. Tom told his Grandpa to look to the other side of the river. When Grandpa took one step. He slip and hurt his legs. Then Tom when off and looked for help. But in the end Tom got some help. He was happy..

What part did I feel sad?

The part that I felt sad on was when the Grandpa slip and hurt himself. I felt that way, because I thought that they will not have any help. But in the end they got help.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Book Characters

On a  lovely day, we went to the hall after morning tea. The purpose of going to the hall is we had to wear our favorite book  characters. I came in a evil step sister of Cinderella.

It so lovely to see everyone wearing their favorite book characters. All of us the whole school went up and show of our clothes to the audience. Mr Coakley got up and receive me and Kalo badge, to become the leader of the school.

Kalo said a little speech and  she started to cry. Everyone was clapping, I took the microphone of Kalo and gave it to Mr Coakley. I took her down, she was crying.

But then in the same time me and Kalo were happy. To be the leader of the school. After that we came and took a photo, and came and got our morning tea.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Amazing trip to the Cathedral

Last friday, 1st of July. Saint Pius X Catholic school went to the Cathedral in town.  It was a wonderful day,that we went on. It was an opportunity for us whole school to go to the Cathedral.

All of us were so excited to go in the bus and to the cathedral. All of the classes went down the road, to go into the bus. We saw two big bus on the side walker. Mrs William told us to look after our soul friends. All of us got in the bus, but my soul friend wasn’t here on that day.

All of us all got settled in the bus, I hear everyone saying I can’t wait to go pass  town. Off we went, we got to town we saw lots of people walking.
Once we  arrived at the  Cathedral, there were people was already inside the cathedral. Mrs Tui came and meet us there, she told all of the Room 7 people to practise our song.

We start singing and, one of the teacher told us to sing quite because some people was inside praying. All of us went through the door of mercy. We all got inside, we went and took a sit, it was quiet in there. We all got settled to the sit and waiting for the mass to start, then suddenly the priest walks past us. He got a nice voice when he sang, firstly he welcome us, then we got up start singing with him and people were singing loud when we were were singing at  mass. We did a song and it was called Bread Broken Wine. When they  did the  communion. The adult went first, because the priest told us that the adult will go first   first and then we come last.

We all sang the song beautifully, after that it was our turn to go up to do our communion. It was short and sweet, after that we finished.the mass. It was great when the mass finished I felt good when we finish. After that we went and took a photograph with larry.

Then Larry start talking to us and telling us the status that we didn’t know. Then we came out, I saw how tall the building was. I feel my stomach was empty, we went and and had our lunch. After that we all got ready to go back to school.

Monday, 4 July 2016


We went to St Francis retreat center to look deeper into our learning and learn to become a leader.

When I first saw the house I was already scared to go inside. Brother Philip came outside and welcome us to go inside the house.I still felt scared but I still follow other people. I was standing closed to my friends. We got inside and brother Philip told us to take a seat, brother Philip began to talk about the rules. After when brother Philip was talking to us. He told us to follow him to the top to where our rooms was. Mrs Tui began to tell us where to go and sleep At retreat I had an a nice day with our year 8 students. My experience was actually fun because all the thing that we do was amazing.

Brother Philip made learning fun for us, I don’t know about the other. But I had so much fun, it looks like the other didn’t have fun. I have learn lots of things from brother Philip.

I think I have a chance to become a leader one day. I really like the program that brother Philip planned for us when we didn’t even know that we a doing some activities. I think everyone had an amazing day at retreat because I had an amazing day with brother Philip and all the year 8 students.

I enjoy my time at St Francis Center with all the St Franciscan brothers. Brother Philip welcome us when we got there.  

My Experience at Te Oro

Yesterday the year 8 went to The Oro. We got inside there were art around the wall. It was beautiful there, their was a woman that was talking to us. She said if we want to paint we can go and paint.

 Kalo and I were just walking around, and we came along a girl from Somerville primary and we were talking to her. We asked her if we can do something with her, but she wasn't allowed to.

But we just tell her to go before she got into trouble. Then we came along the same school and they were dancing to a Samoan,Hawaiian, Maori and Cook Island song. They were so awesome, how they move to the beat we can see their hips were moving.

I had fun yesterday when we went to The Oro. It was my first time being in The Oro.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Visit to the Marae!!

On Tuesday the 5th we went to the Marae. At 9:30 we left school,we were walking to the Marae. We had to walk with our soul friend,I was walking with Mele.

We got to the Marae as are whole school. We had to wait for the lady to do the Powhiri and welcome us, the lady began to sing and Ana-Lei was replying to her. I was thinking are they challenging each other, when we were about to go into the Wharenui, we had to take off our shoes.

I was interest why we had to take off our shoes, then I found out that that’s are secret place. We got inside, the lady was telling us where to sit, everyone was settle down a song and we had to get up and sing the song. The song was called E toru nga mea.

When it was nearly time for us year 7&8 I went and said thank you for the people that was working at the Marae. But I had fun in the Marae, because I got a chance to learn how to weaving.

Holy Spirit

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Trip

Science Trip
Today room 7 and room 5  went to Tamaki College for  science roadshow.  I went  with Mrs Tui to the science roadshow. I was amazed when I was trying all sorts of new and different things. My favorite part was when you have to put your hand through  a box, then when you have done that then you have to guess what it is, when I first did it I was afraid. I didn't know what was inside but I only got one right, and what was inside was a coin, I answer it right away.
In the hall I saw lots of stations/exhibits. I was excited to try it, I went to the eye test first and I was trying to look at the letters but Joshua was shouting the letters out (ARGH it was annoying). Then I shouted as well, my eyes was good, because I got all the letters right.

We went there because we don’t take science in Selwyn College, we do all sorts of things but except science. We went there to see how science works & how they experiment things live. We were divided into groups by Mrs Middleton, my leader was Patrick & Pate. We got the chance to go and look around the stations, there were lots of different things I could try, but unfortunately I only tried some.

At the end I enjoy all different kinds of stations that I tried.

Checked By Kalolaine Taufa
Written By Faleaka Talasinga

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mothers day letter

My beautiful mother’s name is Salote Soko Paongo.  My mother is a person that likes to sing and cook, also a person that likes to bake To’okutu, she is a helpful mother to me, she is a strong woman she
always does the hard work when I am sick.

Even if I am naughty I try my best not to be naughty to her , my mum is like a bright flower that shine in the garden that make my eyes bright, she is a woman that encourage me,a woman that always show respect to people.

She was the person that taught me how to cook scrambled egg and how to bake To’okutu, I am so grateful and blessed to have a mom as wonderful as you that taught me how to do things when I don’t know and how to respect people, I am lucky to have a mother that loves me. Mom, you are my life, you are my heart, mum your the one the made my breakfast at Sunday when  we had White Sunday. I LOVE U MUM, thankyou for everthing you have done.

Holiday ( Writing)

Welcome to Term 2 (2016)

On Sunday the 1th we had white Sunday. In the morning I woke up at 8:00 and go for a shower, after I shower I dry myself up and put on my clothes and I head off to the kitchen  to go and eat my breakfast........ Meanwhile my mum cooked some eggs and sausage and I went and boil the water.

After I had my breakfast  I went to my cousin to do my hair and she was Curling my hair and the time head 10:20 my cousin finished doing my hair, and I went and got dress because I am in the morning prayer...... My mum and my aunt was telling me to hurry up so I don’t get late, for the prayer. When we got to church, we saw lots of people outside and lots of kids just got there and there were wearing  White clothes, we got off and went to the church and I have to go and sit on the chair with the people that doing morning prayer and I went and sat on the chair and there were already lots of kids sitting on the ground........ Meanwhile the priest came in and we start and I looked at the time and it was.
11:00 after that it came to our turn then we had to go up and read it and I was so Afraid to read it when we got up my teacher’s daughter start and after she had her turn and it my turn now, my hands was sweating but after I had my turn I feel the sweat is gone I was so Happy when my turn is finished now it the other people’s turn. When is the last thing and the church is finished we had our last hymn and we sang when the person that did the hymn there were lots of people singing loud and after we sang the priest said a prayer and then we went out and shake the priest hand.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 best Writing

The reason why this is my best piece of writing is because……
  • I used Simple Sentences
  • I used Complex Sentences
  • I used some interesting words
  • Because I spent time with my Uncle
  • Because I had a lot of fun going out for Fishing

My uncle came to the lounge because I was sleeping in the lounge . He asked if I want to go fishing with him or rather stay home, I told him that I ‘m gonna stay home,  then all of a sudden  I heard my cousin telling her Dad to just take me out for fishing.

“ O’ My Gosh! “ I yelled, so I got up and went and brushed my teeth,hair and washed my face and then we all head off to the Panmure wharf.  When we got there my Uncle hopped off and when to looked at the water. A few minutes later he came back and got his fishing net and went with it to the wharf and I just sat in the car because it was boring.

After that my uncle came back and he told me to go and look after the rod so he can go and do something . I got off and went and sat on the wharf and I saw this old lady fishing as well and I asked her if I can look inside the bucket and she said “Yes” so I went and looked at it and she caught a lot of fishes, some of them were snappers and also these little tiny fishes that I did not know.

Meanwhile my uncle came and we all hopped into the boat and went off to find some fishes or else caught some fish. We all had a lot of fun because we caught a lot of fish. My Uncle caught 8 but I just caught 1.
A few hours later after this tiring day we all went back home. Once we got back home I ran to my room and fell asleep

Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths Problem

Learn I learn to screen castify my learning.
Greation - Solve a maths problem

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Autobiography using my photos!

Learn : Engage their families in the learning process by working at home.

Click on the link above to see my autobiography using my photos.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend's

                                     Soul Friend's

A soul friend is a friendship thing when are older person helps a little one when they a hurt or when they need help, and soul friend it just like a brother/sister to all of us, my soul friend it just like a little brother to me.

I think that’s the right things for us to have soul friends because Older kids should be looking after the little one.
The idea of soul friends came from Ireland, from the holy faith sisters many years ago. We will  make a promise that we will look after our soul friends we shared lunch with our soul friends after mass.

My soul friend’s is Amihuti and Josaia, and  they a both in Mrs Pulotus class.  Josaia’s favorite colour is Red, and Amihuti’s favorite colour is Blue, and Amihuti is short and Josaia is a bit taller then Amihuti. They both just feel like a little brother to me.

Both of my soul friends are funny, they love to make jokes when we do buddy reading, they both love to laugh. I was planning with my soul friends  what  we a going to do this year and I told them that I will play with them, every morning tea at the playground, my soul friends agreed  when I told them both.
photo (2).JPG

Friday, 11 March 2016

Solving Problems

LEARN - My learn is Solving Problems

In this photo is showing how I solve my problems.

Nobody+ Laughed

Nobody Laughed by Bernard Beckett

Aiden walked to school with a spring in his step and a bright  green bag on his back. It was the first day back after the summer holiday. The sun shone brightly. Aiden kicked at stones and whistled to himself. He loved his school, and he loved his new bag. It was big but not too big – the perfect size for books, his lunch, and his secret favourite thing.
Aiden’s friend Kane was waiting at the school gate. At first, they were so busy telling each other their holiday stories (new house, new hill, new bike, missing tooth) that they didn’t even notice they had the same bag.
“That’s the thing about shopping at the Bigbarn store,” Kane shrugged.
But then they saw that Lauren had the same bag, too, and Jessie and William and Toeiva and Charlotte and fact, their entire class. The day was getting weird.
“Just a coincidence,” Mr Chalmers said brightly. (His bag
was black and battered, with a tarnished buckle that had once been gold.) “We’ll need to be very careful to hang each bag on its own hook so there are no mix-ups.”
Of course, there was a mix-up. It happened while the class was out running laps of the field. (Mr Chalmers called it PE.) The school caretaker decided that it would be a good
day to finally replace some broken hooks, and to do that, he had to take down all the bags and put them in a pile –a great big, fluorescent green, Bigbarn-store special pile.
There was a lot of shouting when the class got back from their run.
“Put that down. It’s mine!”
“No, this one is yours. Mine wasn’t that heavy!”
“Give it here!”
“Let it go!”
“This one’s mine!”
“Not even!”
“What are we going to do?”
Aiden said nothing. He’d already guessed what would happen next, and that had him worried. Sure enough, Mr Chalmers suggested the only possible solution.
“We’re just going to have to open up the bags, one by one, and look inside.”

Aiden had picked a very bad day to carry his secret favourite thing to school. When the others saw it, he would surely die of embarrassment. He put his head down
and waited for the shameful moment to arrive. Mr Chalmers opened the fi rst bag.
He pulled out a long, white bone.
Aiden thought it probably came from a cow – it was that big.
“That’s my moa bone,” said Helen.
“Sefton Johnson sold it to me for five dollars.”
Aiden waited for people to start laughing, but nobody did. Not even Sefton.
It was turning out to be one of those upside-down, impossible-to-predict days.
“How about this?” Mr Chalmers held up a plastic bag containing an egg beater,
a ball of string, a rubber band, and a calculator.
“I’m making a rocket,” said Nathan.
“When I find the right fuel, it will travel to the moon.” Nathan was full of big notions
that never worked out. Mostly, people laughed at his ideas, but not today.
Tamsin had a dead frog, a sprig of parsley, and an egg that she claimed was a thousand
years old. She said that she was learning to become a witch. Nobody laughed.
Toeiva had a tea bag inside a small picture frame. It had once been inside Ma‘a Nonu’s tea
cup when he had visited Asafa's auntie. Nobody laughed. Charlotte had a magnifying glass. She explained how she used it to check the small print on labels.
She had made a hobby of collecting long words that she didn’t understand (“amaryllifolius”
was her favourite). It was certainly a strange hobby, but nobody laughed.
One by one, the bags were opened, and each revealed its own secret favourite thing. There was
a satin cape, a lock of hair, a lump of coal, a list of songs beginning with the letter A, and a superhero action figure.
And not once did anybody laugh. Perhaps, Aiden worried, the class were saving up all their laughter for him.
Finally, there were only two bags left. Aiden crossed his fingers and hoped his would be last. That way Mr Chalmers wouldn’t even have to open it. They’d know it was his already. He closed his eyes and crossed his fingers. A drop of sweat ran down his neck. His left knee began to shake. Mr Chalmers opened the second-to-last bag and pulled out a small, orange tutu.
“Um, that’s mine,” said Kane. He walked forward and claimed his bag. Nobody laughed.
“Well then, this one’s yours,” said Mr Chalmers, throwing Aiden the last, unopened bag.
“Hey, that’s not fair,” called out Sefton. “We want to see what’s in his bag too.”
Aiden smiled. He opened his bag and showed the class his own, secret favourite thing. And nobody laughed.


  1. Why was the day getting weird?
Because they went to the same shop and they all got the same bag.

2. How did everyone in the class get the same bag?
When they go to the same shop, which the shop name is Bigbarn store.

3.  Why was Aiden worried about his bag?

Because he didn’t want anyone know what’s in his bag.

 What do you think is in his bag and why do you think that?
I think an sandwiches, because it might his lunch for school, and aslo I think that’s for his lunch.

4. Why do you think no one laughed in the class about what was inside the bags?  Explain your reasons.
Because they didn’t find it funny to them.


secrets, embarrassment, laughing, shameful,entire, tarnish
  1. find a similar meaning
  2. find opposite meaning
  3. find the root word and other words that come from it.
  4. use the word in a sentence
  5. create a word find for someone to find the words.
  6. Learn the spelling.

I have a secret diary
Not secret
Embarrass embarrass  
I was embarrassed when I felt to the ground.
Sad, unhappy
I always Loved to laugh
Not funny
Kind, Loving
Bad, Disgusting
I will be shameful if I do bad stuff
Small, Little
Bad, Unkind
My plans are to travel the entire world.
Muddy, Dusty
Anti Tarnish
Gold does not tarnish easily
Awful, Disgusting


Write a paragraph to explain a moment that you were worried that someone will do something that would have embarrassed you.

Things that make the 2 texts similar.
  • When everyone got the same bag.
  • All of the bag got mix up.
  • The class all argument.
  • Aiden didn’t want anyone to know what was in his bag.
  • Mr Chalmers choose Aiden last.

They both didn’t want anything to happen.

They both was the last person to choose

They were the last person to choose on each story.
  • If any of the ball  come to Grace   she will drop it.
  • Emma was running towards the ball.
  • Mrs Miller choose Emma to be the captain in the other team.
  • Grace didn’t want anything to happen.