Thursday, 18 February 2016

PAT Test Reflection

Today in room 7, we had called out our PAT Test and my Teacher call out   Maths and reading  and my result came out that I was below average I will try next time to do some maths during this year and do more reading at home and at school.

Malo Aupito!!

Maths about me

This is a maths about me and at can tell u all about me. I am a 12 years old and I am a year 8 in Saint Pius X Catholic school. I will be explaining you about myself and etc.

Malo aupito!!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Narrative Story

Once upon time a man was going fishing for his family because there were poor. So the man went to fish at lake near by his house, so the man got in his boat and threw his net to the lake and waited. The man was so tired waiting for the fish he sat down.

 All of a sudden, he caught a lot of fish in his net. Once he caught it, he put it in his boat and then he was about to drive home happy with his fish, then all of a sudden a crocodile jumped up to get his fish but then he quickly grabbed a stick to wack the crocodile, but then the crocodile broke it with his teeth.

Then he thought to himself quickly to throw one fish on the other side of the lake, then he threw one fish on the other side of the lake, then his plan worked then he quickly drove back with his fish back to shore. Then he quickly got out and took his fish and ran quickly like a lion back home.

My Fun Holiday

My Fun holiday !!

On Saturday the 30th we went to Long bay beach, because it was a hot day.

Everyone of us had to come at 7:00 to the church because our bus had to leave at 8:00, so me and my cousin went at 7:00.

When we got there, there were people out of the church waiting for the bus. Once our car was parked I got out of the car and went to play with my friends. The bus came and my cousin told me to go and get all the stuff and put it in the bus. So I went and got all the stuff and I put it in the bus.

Everyone came inside and my uncle told the bus driver to go now because it was 8:00. When we got to the city I saw lots of people walking, running, and I also saw lots of buildings. The buildings were so beautiful.

I was so happy because  we were going across the harbor bridge. When we got to the harbor bridge it was so scary looking down because it feel like the bus was gonna go backwards, so I didn’t look down.

But it was amazing looking at the city and the sun. When we got out of the harbor bridge we were still going to the beach because it was far so I got out my chips and start eating it because I was hungry and meanwhile we got to Long bay beach.

Greeting of 2016

 Malo lelei and welcome  to my learning  journal  for  2016. This year I am in room 7 I am a year 8 student ,  it’s nice being having a year in room 7. I am looking forward to going to Tamaki College.