Friday, 29 November 2013

Cultural Day

On Friday morning we were going to mass and we sat on the chairs and Father came and sat down on his chair. Me and Petra, Vaine, Rosrine took our countries flag to the front at the altar. We put the flag to the front and we came back and we came and sat on the chairs.

We finished the mass and went to room7 to show their Presentation. After room7 we came to room 3 room and we showed our presentations. After that we went to room 6 then we had our lunch.

We was going to outside to ouside to line up and we walking to room6 and we was going and sat down on the ground  and to show they country they work.

Lunch time finished and we went to the hall to do our dances. We danced and our teacher watched our dance and some people had confidence and some people were shy.

After we danced we came and sat down and then we went back to class and changed into our uniforms again.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Argentina Presentation

On Friday last week we presented our information we discovered about Argentina.  We had a great time presenting to the syndicate.  Here is our presentation and a film of us presenting it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

Today I am looking forward to playing touch. I am go to practise the touch skills.
I am expecting to see people practicing their Touch skills. We are doing because it is the sport and we are going to be learning it with a coach from Touch New Zealand.
I can’t wait to play Touch but I hope after today I will start learning.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Film Festival 2013

We went to Sylvia Park in the morning and we went to the movies. The students went to the film festival and Pt England Primary were there too. We laughed because the movies were funny, we laughed.

We went by bus because we were going to participate the see all the movies. I saw the room 3 movie. I like the other movies too. Sione and Catherine was standing  up the top to introduce their movie. Patrick and Alecia were standing up the top and they said “our movies is called SUCCESS”

We came back to school and we had 10 minute before  we could have lunch.  

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Practise Prompt 6

Once upon time there were two dogs on the beach.
It was a white dog and a black dog and they was fighting over the toy. It was hard for the dogs because they were both pulling on the toy.

The dogs was smile and is not angry and the another dogs was on angry two  the water was another side and the dogs was fighting on the beach and the water was  in the ground. The dogs was she to the another side and the another dogs was she to the dogs and to the toy and the dogs was sitteng down the beach.

The dogs is so beatiful and the another dogs is so beafiful and is so cute and the skin is white and the another dogs is black and white.

The small dogs is angry because the big dogs was eat the toy and the small dogs was angry because he was want the toy and the big dogs she want two the toy and they fighting because they want the toy. The two dogs was stting down on the beach and they fighting because she want the toy.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Selena Gonez.

I chose Selena Gomez because she inspires me by making me sing a lot of her songs like her song named Love will Remember I love that song. What I like about the song is so nice. I see her on T.V.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pratice promtp 5

Once upon there are man was play the women his hair and  the mouth was open and his was scary and he was say to the man stop stop and the man was what the women i say stop to you say stop.

The women was sleeping and the man was say knock knock and the women was say I come and the women was scary because the man was blow and the women and the women was say.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Practice Prompt

Once upon there was are animal was up the tree and Anna was she the animal and she say mnokey  the monkey  was come to Anna. Looking up the tree and Anna was call his friend come and she  the monkey and was touch the the monkey  and anna his friend was go to the dad of anna and the friend anna was say come to she the monkey  and the dad was come and she.

After his dad she and Anna was going and told his mum come and she the monkey and his mum was say that monkey is so scary and anna what that monkey is so scray.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt 2

Once upon a time there were a lot of people at the beach. There were people that liked to sleep in the sun and there were also people that were walking on the beach.
The beach is good for swimming, is it very warm and is good because the kids can go swimming. People can play in the water. Some people come with their umbrellas to protect their skin because the beach is too hot.

The beach is big and there is a little shade for the lifeguard on the side. The people liked to sleep under the umbrellas and some people come with their lunch and eat. Some people like to go, swim to cool down, get some fresh air, come back, eat lunch and then sleep again.
The kids like running around the beach. After swimming they come and eat and drink and then they go back and play.

There are two girls running to go swimming, the girls are happy because its fun. One of the girls went to her mum to eat and drink, after she finished eating her lunch she went back to play.

There was a girl, her sister and  they were fighting because the boy was playing with the with her sister and they go to the beach and the another sister was angry becsuse her sister was going with the boy and the another sister was call him to go with him and play.