Friday, 29 July 2016

Understanding of Fractions

Sam had 10 teddy bears in his toy store.He sold 2/5 of the teddy bears.

How much teddy bears are left in the toy store?
1 bear left

I know this because I divided the 5 with the 10 and the answer was 2.
Then I divided the answer 2 with the Numerator and got the answer 1.

Mel’s birthday cake?

Mel had her cake half in 2/8 to share with her 8 friends.

How much cake does she still have?
She has 5 pieces left

I know this because I divided 8 & 2, then I got the number 4, meanwhile I got the Denominator and divided it with the 4 and got the answer 5.

This is my understanding of what a fraction is.

A Difficult Night!

A Difficult Night

In the night I was singing and humming while watching the sunset. I decided to sing a song to try and annoy her. When I started to sing, I swayed side to side and also humming while the creatures start to appear. My Cousin was furious and....
shouted “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, do you mind, I am trying to sleep here “
I took my ukulele and started to strum and finishing off my song. I went to my cousin holding my untuned ukulele, but then out of nowhere she took my ukulele,I thought she was going to sing a song for me, but then unfortunately she decided to chuck my ukulele into the bonfire that she finished making. I stood there like an unhappy person, I was angry but at the same time I felt sad.

I stood there wondering if she was going to get up and apologize to me for chucking my ukulele, but guess what she carried on sleeping. Another thing that I was wondering about was my precious Ukulele, I was wondering at how much it cost, it took half of my pocketmoney to buy. “ I WAS AN UNHAPPY GIRL “
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Up Cloudy Mountain

What is my favourite part so far and why?

My favorite part was when Tom sent help to his grandpa. Because they were in a river with heaps of rocks. Tom told his Grandpa to look to the other side of the river. When Grandpa took one step. He slip and hurt his legs. Then Tom when off and looked for help. But in the end Tom got some help. He was happy..

What part did I feel sad?

The part that I felt sad on was when the Grandpa slip and hurt himself. I felt that way, because I thought that they will not have any help. But in the end they got help.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Book Characters

On a  lovely day, we went to the hall after morning tea. The purpose of going to the hall is we had to wear our favorite book  characters. I came in a evil step sister of Cinderella.

It so lovely to see everyone wearing their favorite book characters. All of us the whole school went up and show of our clothes to the audience. Mr Coakley got up and receive me and Kalo badge, to become the leader of the school.

Kalo said a little speech and  she started to cry. Everyone was clapping, I took the microphone of Kalo and gave it to Mr Coakley. I took her down, she was crying.

But then in the same time me and Kalo were happy. To be the leader of the school. After that we came and took a photo, and came and got our morning tea.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Amazing trip to the Cathedral

Last friday, 1st of July. Saint Pius X Catholic school went to the Cathedral in town.  It was a wonderful day,that we went on. It was an opportunity for us whole school to go to the Cathedral.

All of us were so excited to go in the bus and to the cathedral. All of the classes went down the road, to go into the bus. We saw two big bus on the side walker. Mrs William told us to look after our soul friends. All of us got in the bus, but my soul friend wasn’t here on that day.

All of us all got settled in the bus, I hear everyone saying I can’t wait to go pass  town. Off we went, we got to town we saw lots of people walking.
Once we  arrived at the  Cathedral, there were people was already inside the cathedral. Mrs Tui came and meet us there, she told all of the Room 7 people to practise our song.

We start singing and, one of the teacher told us to sing quite because some people was inside praying. All of us went through the door of mercy. We all got inside, we went and took a sit, it was quiet in there. We all got settled to the sit and waiting for the mass to start, then suddenly the priest walks past us. He got a nice voice when he sang, firstly he welcome us, then we got up start singing with him and people were singing loud when we were were singing at  mass. We did a song and it was called Bread Broken Wine. When they  did the  communion. The adult went first, because the priest told us that the adult will go first   first and then we come last.

We all sang the song beautifully, after that it was our turn to go up to do our communion. It was short and sweet, after that we finished.the mass. It was great when the mass finished I felt good when we finish. After that we went and took a photograph with larry.

Then Larry start talking to us and telling us the status that we didn’t know. Then we came out, I saw how tall the building was. I feel my stomach was empty, we went and and had our lunch. After that we all got ready to go back to school.

Monday, 4 July 2016


We went to St Francis retreat center to look deeper into our learning and learn to become a leader.

When I first saw the house I was already scared to go inside. Brother Philip came outside and welcome us to go inside the house.I still felt scared but I still follow other people. I was standing closed to my friends. We got inside and brother Philip told us to take a seat, brother Philip began to talk about the rules. After when brother Philip was talking to us. He told us to follow him to the top to where our rooms was. Mrs Tui began to tell us where to go and sleep At retreat I had an a nice day with our year 8 students. My experience was actually fun because all the thing that we do was amazing.

Brother Philip made learning fun for us, I don’t know about the other. But I had so much fun, it looks like the other didn’t have fun. I have learn lots of things from brother Philip.

I think I have a chance to become a leader one day. I really like the program that brother Philip planned for us when we didn’t even know that we a doing some activities. I think everyone had an amazing day at retreat because I had an amazing day with brother Philip and all the year 8 students.

I enjoy my time at St Francis Center with all the St Franciscan brothers. Brother Philip welcome us when we got there.  

My Experience at Te Oro

Yesterday the year 8 went to The Oro. We got inside there were art around the wall. It was beautiful there, their was a woman that was talking to us. She said if we want to paint we can go and paint.

 Kalo and I were just walking around, and we came along a girl from Somerville primary and we were talking to her. We asked her if we can do something with her, but she wasn't allowed to.

But we just tell her to go before she got into trouble. Then we came along the same school and they were dancing to a Samoan,Hawaiian, Maori and Cook Island song. They were so awesome, how they move to the beat we can see their hips were moving.

I had fun yesterday when we went to The Oro. It was my first time being in The Oro.