Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Trip

Science Trip
Today room 7 and room 5  went to Tamaki College for  science roadshow.  I went  with Mrs Tui to the science roadshow. I was amazed when I was trying all sorts of new and different things. My favorite part was when you have to put your hand through  a box, then when you have done that then you have to guess what it is, when I first did it I was afraid. I didn't know what was inside but I only got one right, and what was inside was a coin, I answer it right away.
In the hall I saw lots of stations/exhibits. I was excited to try it, I went to the eye test first and I was trying to look at the letters but Joshua was shouting the letters out (ARGH it was annoying). Then I shouted as well, my eyes was good, because I got all the letters right.

We went there because we don’t take science in Selwyn College, we do all sorts of things but except science. We went there to see how science works & how they experiment things live. We were divided into groups by Mrs Middleton, my leader was Patrick & Pate. We got the chance to go and look around the stations, there were lots of different things I could try, but unfortunately I only tried some.

At the end I enjoy all different kinds of stations that I tried.

Checked By Kalolaine Taufa
Written By Faleaka Talasinga

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mothers day letter

My beautiful mother’s name is Salote Soko Paongo.  My mother is a person that likes to sing and cook, also a person that likes to bake To’okutu, she is a helpful mother to me, she is a strong woman she
always does the hard work when I am sick.

Even if I am naughty I try my best not to be naughty to her , my mum is like a bright flower that shine in the garden that make my eyes bright, she is a woman that encourage me,a woman that always show respect to people.

She was the person that taught me how to cook scrambled egg and how to bake To’okutu, I am so grateful and blessed to have a mom as wonderful as you that taught me how to do things when I don’t know and how to respect people, I am lucky to have a mother that loves me. Mom, you are my life, you are my heart, mum your the one the made my breakfast at Sunday when  we had White Sunday. I LOVE U MUM, thankyou for everthing you have done.

Holiday ( Writing)

Welcome to Term 2 (2016)

On Sunday the 1th we had white Sunday. In the morning I woke up at 8:00 and go for a shower, after I shower I dry myself up and put on my clothes and I head off to the kitchen  to go and eat my breakfast........ Meanwhile my mum cooked some eggs and sausage and I went and boil the water.

After I had my breakfast  I went to my cousin to do my hair and she was Curling my hair and the time head 10:20 my cousin finished doing my hair, and I went and got dress because I am in the morning prayer...... My mum and my aunt was telling me to hurry up so I don’t get late, for the prayer. When we got to church, we saw lots of people outside and lots of kids just got there and there were wearing  White clothes, we got off and went to the church and I have to go and sit on the chair with the people that doing morning prayer and I went and sat on the chair and there were already lots of kids sitting on the ground........ Meanwhile the priest came in and we start and I looked at the time and it was.
11:00 after that it came to our turn then we had to go up and read it and I was so Afraid to read it when we got up my teacher’s daughter start and after she had her turn and it my turn now, my hands was sweating but after I had my turn I feel the sweat is gone I was so Happy when my turn is finished now it the other people’s turn. When is the last thing and the church is finished we had our last hymn and we sang when the person that did the hymn there were lots of people singing loud and after we sang the priest said a prayer and then we went out and shake the priest hand.