Monday, 25 August 2014


In the weekend, my Aunty came from America on Saturday to come and visit us for the term. When my Aunty came I was asleep she woke me up. Then I had to go and wash my face and brush my teeth and brush my  hair. I got ready for Breakfast and breakfast was very yummy and tasteful.

On sunday I went to Sunday  school church so I can pray to God and Jesus. After the school church we had to get ready because the church will begin in 10 minutes. After that when the church was over we had to go home and take photos with my Aunty that I haven’t met in a while. My cousin came over while we were taking photos so we took photos with them as well.

Later on we went and got changed into our normal clothes that we wear when it is not church time. After that my mum made food for us we were eating seafood, kumara and also meat.

After we ate we went to sleep so the next day I can go to school and learn.

Friday, 1 August 2014

First Flight

Title : First Flight
Author : Annette smith

What was the book about?

This book is about a boy who was going to his dad’s place for two weeks.  He was going there in a plane.  The boy was scared because he was going on the plane by himself.

What three things did you like about the book? and why?

  1. I liked it when the boy was sitting in the pilot’s seat because the boy was happy to sit in the front of the plane.
  2. I liked the part when the captain turned and smiled at Kel because Kel was excited.
  3. I liked the part when Kel told his dad he wanted to be a pilot because he wasn’t scared to go on the plane

What was your favourite part and why?

My favourite part was when Jacky took Kel to the captains cabin because Kel stopped being scared and he wanted to be a pilot.

What two things didn’t you like about the book? explain why?

  1. I didn’t like the part when Kel was scared because I feel sorry for him going on the plane by himself.
  2. I didn’t like the part when the plane was roaring louder and louder because it was annoying.

Who was your favourite character and why?

My favourite charcter is the captain and the pilot because they were kind to Kel.

Who would you like to recommend this book too and why?

I would like to recommend this book to Mr Slade because he’s the teacher.