Friday, 17 June 2016

Visit to the Marae!!

On Tuesday the 5th we went to the Marae. At 9:30 we left school,we were walking to the Marae. We had to walk with our soul friend,I was walking with Mele.

We got to the Marae as are whole school. We had to wait for the lady to do the Powhiri and welcome us, the lady began to sing and Ana-Lei was replying to her. I was thinking are they challenging each other, when we were about to go into the Wharenui, we had to take off our shoes.

I was interest why we had to take off our shoes, then I found out that that’s are secret place. We got inside, the lady was telling us where to sit, everyone was settle down a song and we had to get up and sing the song. The song was called E toru nga mea.

When it was nearly time for us year 7&8 I went and said thank you for the people that was working at the Marae. But I had fun in the Marae, because I got a chance to learn how to weaving.

Holy Spirit