Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 best Writing

The reason why this is my best piece of writing is because……
  • I used Simple Sentences
  • I used Complex Sentences
  • I used some interesting words
  • Because I spent time with my Uncle
  • Because I had a lot of fun going out for Fishing

My uncle came to the lounge because I was sleeping in the lounge . He asked if I want to go fishing with him or rather stay home, I told him that I ‘m gonna stay home,  then all of a sudden  I heard my cousin telling her Dad to just take me out for fishing.

“ O’ My Gosh! “ I yelled, so I got up and went and brushed my teeth,hair and washed my face and then we all head off to the Panmure wharf.  When we got there my Uncle hopped off and when to looked at the water. A few minutes later he came back and got his fishing net and went with it to the wharf and I just sat in the car because it was boring.

After that my uncle came back and he told me to go and look after the rod so he can go and do something . I got off and went and sat on the wharf and I saw this old lady fishing as well and I asked her if I can look inside the bucket and she said “Yes” so I went and looked at it and she caught a lot of fishes, some of them were snappers and also these little tiny fishes that I did not know.

Meanwhile my uncle came and we all hopped into the boat and went off to find some fishes or else caught some fish. We all had a lot of fun because we caught a lot of fish. My Uncle caught 8 but I just caught 1.
A few hours later after this tiring day we all went back home. Once we got back home I ran to my room and fell asleep

Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths Problem

Learn I learn to screen castify my learning.
Greation - Solve a maths problem