Thursday, 24 March 2016

Autobiography using my photos!

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend's

                                     Soul Friend's

A soul friend is a friendship thing when are older person helps a little one when they a hurt or when they need help, and soul friend it just like a brother/sister to all of us, my soul friend it just like a little brother to me.

I think that’s the right things for us to have soul friends because Older kids should be looking after the little one.
The idea of soul friends came from Ireland, from the holy faith sisters many years ago. We will  make a promise that we will look after our soul friends we shared lunch with our soul friends after mass.

My soul friend’s is Amihuti and Josaia, and  they a both in Mrs Pulotus class.  Josaia’s favorite colour is Red, and Amihuti’s favorite colour is Blue, and Amihuti is short and Josaia is a bit taller then Amihuti. They both just feel like a little brother to me.

Both of my soul friends are funny, they love to make jokes when we do buddy reading, they both love to laugh. I was planning with my soul friends  what  we a going to do this year and I told them that I will play with them, every morning tea at the playground, my soul friends agreed  when I told them both.
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Friday, 11 March 2016

Solving Problems

LEARN - My learn is Solving Problems

In this photo is showing how I solve my problems.

Nobody+ Laughed

Nobody Laughed by Bernard Beckett

Aiden walked to school with a spring in his step and a bright  green bag on his back. It was the first day back after the summer holiday. The sun shone brightly. Aiden kicked at stones and whistled to himself. He loved his school, and he loved his new bag. It was big but not too big – the perfect size for books, his lunch, and his secret favourite thing.
Aiden’s friend Kane was waiting at the school gate. At first, they were so busy telling each other their holiday stories (new house, new hill, new bike, missing tooth) that they didn’t even notice they had the same bag.
“That’s the thing about shopping at the Bigbarn store,” Kane shrugged.
But then they saw that Lauren had the same bag, too, and Jessie and William and Toeiva and Charlotte and fact, their entire class. The day was getting weird.
“Just a coincidence,” Mr Chalmers said brightly. (His bag
was black and battered, with a tarnished buckle that had once been gold.) “We’ll need to be very careful to hang each bag on its own hook so there are no mix-ups.”
Of course, there was a mix-up. It happened while the class was out running laps of the field. (Mr Chalmers called it PE.) The school caretaker decided that it would be a good
day to finally replace some broken hooks, and to do that, he had to take down all the bags and put them in a pile –a great big, fluorescent green, Bigbarn-store special pile.
There was a lot of shouting when the class got back from their run.
“Put that down. It’s mine!”
“No, this one is yours. Mine wasn’t that heavy!”
“Give it here!”
“Let it go!”
“This one’s mine!”
“Not even!”
“What are we going to do?”
Aiden said nothing. He’d already guessed what would happen next, and that had him worried. Sure enough, Mr Chalmers suggested the only possible solution.
“We’re just going to have to open up the bags, one by one, and look inside.”

Aiden had picked a very bad day to carry his secret favourite thing to school. When the others saw it, he would surely die of embarrassment. He put his head down
and waited for the shameful moment to arrive. Mr Chalmers opened the fi rst bag.
He pulled out a long, white bone.
Aiden thought it probably came from a cow – it was that big.
“That’s my moa bone,” said Helen.
“Sefton Johnson sold it to me for five dollars.”
Aiden waited for people to start laughing, but nobody did. Not even Sefton.
It was turning out to be one of those upside-down, impossible-to-predict days.
“How about this?” Mr Chalmers held up a plastic bag containing an egg beater,
a ball of string, a rubber band, and a calculator.
“I’m making a rocket,” said Nathan.
“When I find the right fuel, it will travel to the moon.” Nathan was full of big notions
that never worked out. Mostly, people laughed at his ideas, but not today.
Tamsin had a dead frog, a sprig of parsley, and an egg that she claimed was a thousand
years old. She said that she was learning to become a witch. Nobody laughed.
Toeiva had a tea bag inside a small picture frame. It had once been inside Ma‘a Nonu’s tea
cup when he had visited Asafa's auntie. Nobody laughed. Charlotte had a magnifying glass. She explained how she used it to check the small print on labels.
She had made a hobby of collecting long words that she didn’t understand (“amaryllifolius”
was her favourite). It was certainly a strange hobby, but nobody laughed.
One by one, the bags were opened, and each revealed its own secret favourite thing. There was
a satin cape, a lock of hair, a lump of coal, a list of songs beginning with the letter A, and a superhero action figure.
And not once did anybody laugh. Perhaps, Aiden worried, the class were saving up all their laughter for him.
Finally, there were only two bags left. Aiden crossed his fingers and hoped his would be last. That way Mr Chalmers wouldn’t even have to open it. They’d know it was his already. He closed his eyes and crossed his fingers. A drop of sweat ran down his neck. His left knee began to shake. Mr Chalmers opened the second-to-last bag and pulled out a small, orange tutu.
“Um, that’s mine,” said Kane. He walked forward and claimed his bag. Nobody laughed.
“Well then, this one’s yours,” said Mr Chalmers, throwing Aiden the last, unopened bag.
“Hey, that’s not fair,” called out Sefton. “We want to see what’s in his bag too.”
Aiden smiled. He opened his bag and showed the class his own, secret favourite thing. And nobody laughed.


  1. Why was the day getting weird?
Because they went to the same shop and they all got the same bag.

2. How did everyone in the class get the same bag?
When they go to the same shop, which the shop name is Bigbarn store.

3.  Why was Aiden worried about his bag?

Because he didn’t want anyone know what’s in his bag.

 What do you think is in his bag and why do you think that?
I think an sandwiches, because it might his lunch for school, and aslo I think that’s for his lunch.

4. Why do you think no one laughed in the class about what was inside the bags?  Explain your reasons.
Because they didn’t find it funny to them.


secrets, embarrassment, laughing, shameful,entire, tarnish
  1. find a similar meaning
  2. find opposite meaning
  3. find the root word and other words that come from it.
  4. use the word in a sentence
  5. create a word find for someone to find the words.
  6. Learn the spelling.

I have a secret diary
Not secret
Embarrass embarrass  
I was embarrassed when I felt to the ground.
Sad, unhappy
I always Loved to laugh
Not funny
Kind, Loving
Bad, Disgusting
I will be shameful if I do bad stuff
Small, Little
Bad, Unkind
My plans are to travel the entire world.
Muddy, Dusty
Anti Tarnish
Gold does not tarnish easily
Awful, Disgusting


Write a paragraph to explain a moment that you were worried that someone will do something that would have embarrassed you.

Things that make the 2 texts similar.
  • When everyone got the same bag.
  • All of the bag got mix up.
  • The class all argument.
  • Aiden didn’t want anyone to know what was in his bag.
  • Mr Chalmers choose Aiden last.

They both didn’t want anything to happen.

They both was the last person to choose

They were the last person to choose on each story.
  • If any of the ball  come to Grace   she will drop it.
  • Emma was running towards the ball.
  • Mrs Miller choose Emma to be the captain in the other team.
  • Grace didn’t want anything to happen.

STATION - Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

On a tiring day for me to carry the heavy cross up the hill. At was a hard  day for me to carry my  heavy cross  up the hill I was so tired of carrying the big heavy cross I fell to the  ground because the cross was so heavy.
After that  I  became very tired and weak and needed help to carry my  cross. The soldiers took a strong man from the crowd and made him help me The man's name was Simon. Simon was merely watching what was happening when he suddenly became part of all that was taking place. Simon did what was needed to do to help me, Jesus.

After that Simon came up  and help me carry my heavy cross up the hill. He try to get me up, but it was so hard for me to get up because my shoulder was sore and my hands, I try real hard to get up and carry my cross with Simon. Simon was sad to come and helps me carry my cross.

The people were looking at him and following him up to the hill and they all rush up the hill and followed Jesus .

Friday, 4 March 2016

Jesus helps

Someone is walking on the water
men on the boats looked confused
one man is trying to walk like the ghost but he is sinking.
might be a storm
sea rough.
One evening at Tamaki River, some men went out fishing. The water was not calm but they thought they might have a good catch.  

Not long, the wind started to get stronger and water was becoming rough.  They were scared and yelled at each other to go back.  The motor stopped.  John who was steering the boat did not know what was happening.
Suddenly they noticed a figure on the water.  “It’s a ghost”, they shouted. They started to paddle with their hands.  The figure came closer to the and they noticed that it was Jesus.  
“It’s Jesus”, John shouted.  He was excited and jumped to run to Him.  He forgot that he can’t walk on water.  
“Help”, he screamed.  ‘Help me, Jesus”.
Jesus came and grabbed his hand and took him to the boat.

The sea was calm and wind died down.  Our motor worked and we let out our nets and got a lot of fish.
Thank you Jesus.